Smart Cities - Digital Economy by Design

Your government assets are often overlooked in the design of the new Digital Economy using blockchain. They may be more valuable than you or even the market thinks. Out-dated technologies, years of lack of investment and public service obligations can be converted into the engine of innovation. Before leadership opens the door to extremely aggressive multi-nationals that support the brain drain of your most valuable resources, look at how, give us the opportunity to show you how market-led financially-driven design can put you back in charge of your country's ICT development.

Black Tie Networx has the experience to transform existing government assets into world-class foundations for Digital Economies. We have worked with government leaders, sovereign investment banks, managers of government owned assets and enabling ICT corporations to provide solutions at the macro- and micro-economic level of policy and implementation. We believe that from even the smallest economies, innovations can be created that change the world. More directly, small economies may be the best places for technological evolution and adoption to occur.