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Right now, big, market leading incumbents are struggling. Their market share is being eaten away by non-traditional competitors who are grabbing the opportunities technology provides and moving fast – they’re not held back by legacy systems that worked yesterday. And what we’ve experienced so far is nothing in comparison to what will happen. Organisations cannot remain in denial. Everyone’s talking about the future, a new digital world, but few are taking action. Survival, responding to this disruption, means creating an organisation that can function and thrive in a state of continual change, continual disruption.

Second to the word "innovation", the word "disruption" is the most overused prescription for change in the modern world. While the scope and pace of change seems to be accelerating without end, the skillful harnessing of these changes in technology, resources and society can be equally applied to the transforming existing industry players or new disruptive entrants. Our clients rely on Black Tie Networx to identify the options and recognize when to exercise them or discard them.

Moving from a legacy model into an unknown digital future is creating a lot of noise – it’s messy and chaotic. Large organizations on this journey are paralyzed. They are stuck in the middle, lost in the noise. And this is a death sentence for any organisation, even today’s market leaders. The legacy of large organisations is killing them, but it’s also keeping them alive. We understand this paradox and we help our clients navigate their business through the chaos, developing operating platforms that combine the best of their legacy systems with new, innovative solutions to ensure future survival.

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