Blockchain Training

Blockchain Foundation

The course covers the very basics of blockchain technology, from data structures to live projects. Serves as both a reminder for participants who know the basics and a clear introduction for those who don't.

    • What is a blockchain?

    • What are transactions and blocks?

    • How do P2P systems operate?

    • The most prominent consensus mechanisms

    • Difference between private, consortium, and public networks

    • What does the data structure look like?

    • How do Smart Contracts work?

    • What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine?

    • What is a Hash?

    • How do public/private keys work?

    • What is a Merkle tree?

    • What is the double-spend problem?

Ethereum Basics

The window into any blockchain network is the node. This course teaches students how to run a node and how to install, configure and use the most common Ethereum clients.

    • The Ethereum ecosystem, DApps and DAOs

    • What is Mist and how does it work?

    • What is Ether, an account, a Faucet?

    • Compile, deploy and instantiate contracts

    • Configuring, running and working with the go-ethereum client

    • Account management and mining

    • Understand the different stages of a contract deployment

    • How to interact with a contract once deployed?

    • What does the setup process for a private network look like?


The most prominent language used for the development of smart contracts is Solidity. The course covers all aspects from value types and inheritance to more exotic features and optimization.

    • Contract classes, Functions and conditionals

    • Inheritance & abstract contracts

    • Libraries

    • Types & Optimisation

    • Global Variables

    • Debugging

Web3 & Truffle

The toolkit to aid development of decentralized applications is growing. This course introduces the two most currently relevant and covers everything from installation and setup to custom configuration and scripting.

    • Building an interface to interact with a smart contract

    • Setting up event-driven interfaces

    • Adapting Truffle’s default behavior

    • Write functional tests for smart contracts

    • How to manually test contract functionality?

    • Instantiate web3 and communicate with a contract from an HTML page

    • Use client side signing and remote nodes for light DApps

    • How does web3 and truffle work with Angular.js?

Project Work

This course will guide you through the development of a sophisticated decentralized marketplace, including a smart contract back-end system and a full front-end.