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Blockchain for Government Leaders

Executive awareness presentations about how blockchain platforms work and case studies on how significant efficiency can be gained by implementing blockchain solutions as monetary tools, digital identities and records, financial data recording and trade exchanges. Each of these solutions offers Emerging Markets the opportunity to leapfrog over the Developed World to become the new global centers of trade and investment.

Blockchain Training Sessions

A half day session for the technical staff of policy-makers, regulators and legal professionals to better understand where blockchain solutions could be implemented to improve your economy's efficiency, create financial stability and accelerate response to crisis. These training sessions will also address how to introduce, authenticate and admit evidence concerning blockchain transactions. The process will allow policy-makers to explore how your existing laws, regulations and compliance requirements could be impacted public and private blockchain deployments. At the end of the session, each participant should be able to present an internal case for change.

Blockchain Strategy Playbooks

Facilitation for brainstorming sessions designed to deliver executive level strategy playbooks with relevant blockchain options for your government. These customized sessions will be held confidentially with government teams to discuss specific strategies for domestic and global advantage. The resulting playbook includes a list of selected strategic options, identified legal and regulatory constraints and a high-level execution road map for each option.

Blockchain Solution Design

Expertise in technical maturity, addressable markets, expectations of value, success measurements, market adoption, organizational readiness, new regulatory standards, governance and implementation resource needs.